Scorpio Magic Horoscope 6
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Trust your friends if you’re single. Let them lead the way if you want to meet interesting people; they might introduce you to colleagues who are also looking for love, or other people who might spark your romantic interest.

Your best asset is your gaze: you can melt anyone just by looking in their direction. Even your partner, who might fall in love with you again as if it were the first day if you’re in a relationship.

The stars invite you to be impulsive, but they also lend you protection to help you out if you do something risky. Everything will flow brilliantly, but try to have more self-confidence, it’s always handy to have.

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You’re aware of the value your image has in certain professions and areas of your life if you want to achieve success, therefore, you’ll ensure you present the best version of yourself to attract attention and have all eyes on you, Scorpio.

You will throw caution to the wind, your savage and reckless side awakens when it comes to spending money, especially in leisure activities.

You’ll want to experience all sorts of entertainment, and so will your family. However, take into account that your finances might be at risk if you spend too much on cravings and whims. You can’t live above your means.


The planets Mars and Uranus unite to look after Scorpio’s health, and both of them will ensure you have plenty of energy on this Saturday of October.

If you feel fatigued, don’t worry, as the Magic Horoscope will have the best disposition to help you get better in no time.

Anyway, for your health to shine, pay attention to some things, such as small skin problems or circulation problems. If you feel itching on your body it could be due to stress, it could be your anxiety manifesting.