Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Great winds of passion will blow in your relationship, now that the weekend is finally here.

You’ll be a fiery scorpion, burning with desire and longing for your partner, and you’ll do anything you can to take them down the path of pleasure.

You’ll also put a lot of effort into making sure your other half doesn’t get bored today; you’ll improvise, let your imagination run wild and your desire will have free rein.

If you’re single, you’ll try everything in your power to be free, and brief encounters and burning passion will become your hallmark.

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Don’t get carried away by an incorrect interpretation of the facts when your numbers don’t add up this weekend.

If you go over the work you’ve already done, you’ll be able to shed some light on the matter, and it won’t be too late to right the wrongs before they have a serious impact.

Mercury might entice you to spend your money, but you’ll be smart enough to limit yourself to just those things which are necessary.

You don’t want to go over your budget, not even if you have some money put aside, as you know it’s really hard to earn, and should not be wasted on a whim.


You’re very mindful of what’s in the food you eat, but not of how you ear it.

Currently, we tend to eat the same way we live: in a hurry, almost without chewing or breathing. Without enjoying the meal or listening to those sitting down with you, or without being fully aware of what’s on your plate and how much of it you have.

As a result of going around in autopilot, sometimes, your brain will still think you’re hungry, even after your stomach is full.

The Magic Horoscope stars recommend learning to eat mindfully, as it will be more effective than any fad diet.

Cravings are usually triggered by emotional issues, or by the need for comfort, which leads to an unbalanced diet.