Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


You’ll notice someone has a crush on you, that they’re completely infatuated with you, and these feelings had been kept a secret, up until now!

What appears to be an irrelevant action, such as having a few pints with friends or colleagues, can turn out to be a calculated plan to get close to you and confess their love.

Allow yourself to be carried to a new universe, Scorpio, where any situation can turn into a scene worthy of a rom-com, where there’s equal amounts of affection and laughter.

Your partner can’t blame you for not paying attention to them if you live together. Make them understand you have lots of responsibilities, and don’t forget to play your seduction card. Your relationship needs a bit of spice.


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Today you’ll be willing to question the latest decisions you’ve made; you’ll be riddled with doubt, and you don’t know if your intuition is on point or if you should do the opposite of what your sixth sense is telling you to do.

Take the time you need to make important decisions, without haste. This will prevent you from making mistakes, which is what worries you the most, Scorpio.

Exchanges and deals with people around you can develop favourably in accordance with your expectations, and this unforeseen collaboration signals great opportunities in the future. You need to think about your professional future.


Your mental activity has been so high lately that any minor inconvenience triggers your anxiety and makes your levels of stress spike.

Learn to focus on yourself through yoga, which is as much a workout as it is a spiritual activity. It will also help you take a step back and put your problems into perspective.

Perhaps the problem is that some old wounds haven’t healed, and it’s time to let go of your baggage, so you can start from scratch, little by little, and loving yourself more.