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The person you are seeing is quite jealous, and you have to set some limits from the beginning. You can't just change your modus operandi later on. 

You need to trust each other right from the start, from the first time you get into bed with your new lover, who might even become your partner. Better safe than sorry, Scorpio. 

If you're already in a stable relationship, but your partner is insecure, don't skimp on flattery and words of encouragement. You think it's obvious that if you are with that person, it's because it's the best for you, but the other person needs to hear it from time to time. 

Jealousy problems will also affect single Scorpios. A friend of yours might think that you don't spend enough time with them, and you spend a lot of time with other friends. Try organizing gatherings where they can all see each other. 

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The astral climate isn't favorable, Scorpio. This warning means that you shouldn't take too big a risk, or bet what you don't have in your pockets. Avoid speculating with what isn't yours, because you could get into trouble. 

Debts make you feel terrible, and rightly so. So why do you have credit cards? They aren't necessary if you consider the fact that spending only what you have in the bank is the best way to control your economy. 

Rectify your own work before finishing it. A particular mental dispersion will cause you to make mistakes... What a pain that is! But if you reread and review everything you do, you can avoid this bad influence.


Your health will be OK throughout the day, and if you are suffering from a disease, it will be stable today. Chronic conditions aren't really relevant, or you have them under control. Routine helps you a lot when maintaining your health. 

Look after your mind. Give it some quality stimulation. Travel! You don't need to think about it that much... Just spending a day in another place will give your mind some oxygen and some energy.

Having some conversations will light up your day. You'll talk to strangers. Don't be shy and be the one who breaks the ice, Scorpio.