Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love will be present from the second you wake up, you’ll love life and you’ll love love itself, you’ll want to enjoy every second you’re given.

You’ll be particularly attracted to people you’ll have a big age gap with, whether they’re much younger or much older than you.

However, don’t overestimate youthfulness or maturity: all things have their place in life.

If you’re in a relationship, the day will be quiet and placid for you; only those whose relationship is in the rocks could go through a massive crisis which could break you up.

If this is your case, speak from your heart, because you might both be happier if you went your separate ways, without sorrow or regret.

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You’ll be more concerned about other people’s finances than your own, which is currently stable, and you don’t have much need to go around with a calculator, crunching the numbers.

Careful though: your advice will be good, but if your friends or relatives don’t want to listen to it, don’t push it.

Perhaps you’re currently a financial role model, but some people still prefer to learn from their own mistakes.

In this sense, you could become a bit obnoxious, not to say a control-freak, when it comes to your partner’s finances or your home finances, if this is a joint responsibility.


The Magic Horoscope indicates an improvement for many Scorpios, especially those who’ve had problems with their back and neck over the past few days.

This will happen naturally, without having to take any medicines (especially if they’ve not been prescribed by your doctor, alright?).

Do you feel bloated, Scorpio? Try drinking a ginger and parsley infusion, which will be great to reduce inflammation and eliminate abdominal fat. You just need to boil some ginger for 10 minutes, add a bunch of parsley, and let it rest for another 15. Once it cools down, it will be amazing!