Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



You look for love and affection because you need it, but you're might looking for it in the wrong places. No, Scorpio, people don't change or become better because of your influence. Change must be desired first by the one who is interested. 

Changing for love is one of the romantic myths that get into people's minds and that brings more suffering... We don't love people for who they are, but for a future together that might never come. 

Moderate expectations and start appreciating who is next to you. Surely not everything is bad and blameable...

If you have shown yourself a bit grumpy with your partner, it's a good moment to meditate why you want that person to be another one. Are you in love with an archetype?

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You are in charge of a group of people, and today you'll have to be alert, Scorpio. Without you, the business might not work properly; you have become somehow indispensable...

Cultivating that dependency so much makes the efficiency of your actions worse. What if you delegate some tasks? The team wants to assume more responsibilities. 

You would also have more time to dedicate to your beloved ones. Working and keeping yourself occupied can be a way of being far from them, but that is no good. Look after your feelings better, Scorpio. 


The cleanliness of your house is still one of your greatest complications. You don't even have time to sit down on the sofa. You have too much work to do.

Even though you don't feel like doing housework, think that if you don't prepare the place where you are going to rest, you aren't going to rest appropriately or enough. You are very sensitive to the energies around you, Scorpio!

In fact, doing housework is an excellent way to be fit. Think that they imply a considerable energetic waste and that thanks to it you enjoy a quality surrounding.