Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


The day will be fun for those Scorpios who are free and unencumbered, and looking for someone to love.

Have more faith in your ability to seduce the person you’ve been secretly holding a candle for; in fact, if you don’t give it your all, you might end up losing them for good.

Being nosey can lead you to discovering things that you’d rather never have known. This applies to your relationship, but also to someone in your family, stop asking questions that you’d rather not know the answer to!

If you keep poking you’ll end up unearthing some rather unsavoury things.

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You’re making good progress in projects you started a few months back, and without even realising it, you’re getting closer and closer to the goal you’ve been trying to reach.

Keep going, with the same momentum, little by little you’ll start reaping the fruit of your hard work.

There’ll be people with bad vibes around, but you’ll be able to politely push them away; their negativity won’t damage your morale.

Careful with some of your habits which could become an addiction if you don’t get them in check soon, such as gambling. It’s bad for your bank account, but also for your mind and your spirit.


The Magic Horoscope recommends you watch your food hygiene when cooking, wash fruit and vegetables thoroughly to get rid of any traces of dirt.

Also, don’t eat things after their “best before” date, otherwise, your stomach will suffer.

Mercury will make you worry about your hair, you’ll obsess over the quality and thickness of it; some Scorpios might even enquire about getting implants, or buying a special shampoo or other treatments to stop hair loss.

For the rest, you’ll have nothing else to worry about, you’ll have good muscle tone and you’ll be on top of your anxiety.