Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You can continue defending your ideas of what a relationship is, how you experience love. You feel the need to do this, as your partner has a different and complicated point of view, you need to reach a middle ground.

You’ll both embrace the other one’s point of view, but you’ll have to renew your commitment and heal some wounds.

Say those things you don’t dare say, especially if you’re single. Shyness is a curse you have to break. Are you capable of imagining your crush is willing to listen to you? You need to take a big step forward today.

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You have the potential to fill up your wallet, and you’re in good shape to reach any goals you set for yourself.

What you’ve started over the past few days is working out, but don’t get too cocky.

Being overzealous helps you achieve slow but steady progress; your ambition might be heightened, but you’ll know how to manage it and keep it within reasonable levels.

At work, you might experience somewhat tense situations, and then the Magic Horoscope recommends you remain silent. It’s for the best.


You need to be careful with sharp objects; be especially careful today in places like your kitchen, where most domestic accidents tend to happen, together with the bathroom.

The daily prediction invites you to dress sensibly according to your needs. You love fashion and elegance, so you tend to wear clothes which are beautiful but uncomfortable, which reduces your mobility making your Friday a bit of a nightmare, Scorpio.

Nothing looks better than comfy clothes and shoes that aren’t tight. Diet and exercise aren’t the only ways to improve our health: how we dress also influences our wellbeing.