Scorpio Daily Horoscope for April 14

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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Careful with Pluto’s impact, which can sometimes put you in a foul mood for no apparent reason.

Those around you won’t be feeling particularly understanding today, not even your partner, no matter how long you’ve been together now. At times they’ll even struggle to recognize you!

The fleeting Saturday romances experienced by the single Scorpios, could continue this Sunday.

And don’t be such a chicken in love, if you think the person you met is interesting, then go for it.

Some will run away from this, and then you’ll know it wasn’t meant to be: let them go then, and don’t hold it against them.

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You might spend a pretty penny on fancy dining; so if you’ve got plans to go out for a family meal, make sure you’re the one who picks the venue, and, if possible, try and find a place with a set price per person.

There’s no need to get a horrible shock from an exorbitant bill, paying for other people’s gluttony!

Think about how you’re going to organise this week’s budget, since it’s already mid-April.

Analyze how much you’ve spent thus far, and what outstanding bills you have, and whether you can afford to pay them.


You’ll have a very dynamic astral company, which should give you an ascendent tone and good endurance.

You’ll even complete a few tasks you’d been dodging for a while, thinking the time wasn’t right to do them, perhaps moving house.

you just need to pay attention!).