Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


This day, you’ll want to win over a heart, but not just any heart! You know what your target is, a noble and brave soul, with whom you can start an adventure side by side.

Your emotional balance can be altered under the affluence of crazy passions, but remember that what you’re living is real and not a dream. Ask yourself if you need to keep your head in the clouds or whether you’d be better off coming back down to earth.

If you’re in a relationship, you’ll have big dreams today and you’ll consider going on a long trip, some well deserved holidays that will be a bit like a second honeymoon (of the first one, if you haven’t walked down the aisle yet to say “I do”).

The celestial energies are great for these things, make the most of them!

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Your finances will be generally protected by Pluto and thanks to the planetary influx you’ll be safe from difficulties, so long as you don’t take too many risks. You need to use your common sense, alright? The Magic Horoscope can’t protect you from your own madness!

Allow yourself some whims to keep your moral up, but without bankrupting yourself, alright? Make sure what you buy is both useful and good quality.

If you’re careful, the day might bring you some surprises. An investment will start yielding profit, especially if it’s linked to real estate. Other Scorpios might receive some sort of bonus or extra money; don’t wait to ask for it, it’s the right time.


Nothing can disturb your physical balance, you’re bulletproof, Scorpio; illnesses will pass you by without even grazing you, and if there’s people around you who are fighting off a cold, you’ll be one of the lucky ones that will remain unafflicted.

But if you’ve led a hectic life over the past few days, beyond your own limitations, you might get anxious if you’re having an unexpected meeting.

To avoid being overwhelmed with fatigue you just need to keep a flexible schedule, and rest properly, sufficient hours in one stretch (not to mention doing it on a good quality mattress).