Magical Horoscope 7
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The risk is inherent to feeling alive and no one knows it better than you. You like living to the fullest although sometimes you forget about your responsibilities. You know how to love, and even though you seem superficial and frivolous in your relationships, the truth is that it's totally the opposite. 

It's difficult for you to get fully into a relationship because of your innate fear of commitment (which means you're going to end up suffering somehow), but once you decide, you love unconditionally.

You like intense relationships, and it seems paradigmatic to see you so happy. Enjoy this new period that you are living because you deserve it. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you will meet the right person. You need someone who is compatible with your highly emotional demand. 

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In the next few days, you might receive a pleasant surprise that will lift your spirits up and will make you fall in the synchrony of the universe. You just have to open your channels of receptivity to receive with open arms what you desire with all your heart.

It could be a job, a lucky streak in a game of chance, a fantastic business idea... it doesn't matter! The opportunity is there, and you just need to go for it. What are you waiting for?

You favor the lucky streaks by cultivating clovers. You are very in tune with the vibrant green energy of this plant that gives away so much good luck every day. Receive yours now.


You have a very good attitude towards life, so you are usually in good health during this time of the year. You like enjoying fresh air and sports, but you don't do enough of it... Grab the advice and as soon as you can, plan a getaway.

You must be very careful when you ride a bike, motorbike, skate or any other sports activity because you are prone to accidents like these. 

You should avoid the consumption of vegetal and animal fats. The consumption of drinks based on lemon or orange is an excellent idea. The "boldo," the absinthe, the oregano, they help to the proper hepatic functioning, Scorpio.