Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



You're a person that keeps your ex-partners out of your life, but you know you might have to have some kind of contact with the ex-partner of your partner. 

It's unpleasant, and you can feel something burning inside you, like a volcano that is about to erupt... calm down, Scorpio. That person hasn't done anything to you. And you'll make a big mistake if you argue about someone who would be happy to see you fight. Don't let them get to you.

Your current relationship isn't threatened. They are just rational adults, and it's completely normal to say something to them if they meet them in the street. 

Use that inner rage in constructively... When you have time, go to the gym and let all that uncontrollable emotions out, Scorpio.

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Mondays are stressful for everyone, urgent tasks accumulate, and everyone goes back to work...

Try to be considerate with your colleagues. They are also stressed and with negative energy, but luckily, they have a Scorpio with them that gets to work and solves problems. 

You have to stop expecting to do everything well. It's better to do fewer things and make them right, and the more relaxed you do it, the results will be better for you and your colleagues. 


From today, put aside any resentment, any desire for revenge. Filling the spirit with negative thoughts, harms you, alters your judgment and exhausts your vital energy. And it makes you lose sight of the essential, which is the pursuit of happiness, Scorpio.

Avoid living under the yoke of objects. Free yourself from memories or objects that you save for sentimental reasons. You'll see you feel freer and lighter. 

When you start getting rid of things, you discover that everything comes back to your life, renewed and with real use. And so, little by little, you also learn to renounce those toxic people who don't let you live in peace. Detach and never accumulate, that is the key, Scorpio.