Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


Scorpio’s infatuation will be a bit annoying, due to the influence the planet Venus will have on your sky.

In fact, you’ll be attracted to people who are very different from your type, from a different age gap, or from a different culture.

If you’re single, getting to know other points of view, other religious beliefs, other ways of living life, will make you a more complete person. But you also have to know that seeds sowed today are unlikely to bear fruit tomorrow.

If you’re in a relationship, you’ll have no issues, but you’ll want to have a little indiscretion, something for which, if you were to be found out, you’d be in a world of trouble.

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You’ll do everything you can to save money, as you’ll feel that half the month of May had flown by before you ever noticed.

You’ll buckle up, you’ll cut down your expenses but not to the point of misery; you’ll just know where to get better prices.

Shop around to find the best prices for what you need to get, whether it’s petrol or chopped tomatoes for your pasta.

The thing about supermarkets is that they use loyalty points and discount coupons, which could save you a pretty penny.


In order to improve your wellbeing, have you thought about having some manuka honey in the mornings? It’s a natural product, created by bees, which will give you proteins, sugars, fats, trace minerals and vitamins.

It’s something that you can easily find at any store or herbal store, plus, it helps with depression if you’re feeling a bit down.

That aside, it’ll be a quiet day, so you could try meditation or yoga instead of extreme sports. You’ll connect with your inner essence, with your roots, and even improve your rapport with a relative you constantly have issues with.