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You need to add a touch of fantasy and imagination to any activities you carry out today, and you’ll fill everyone around you with joy and colour.

You’ll give the best of yourself, and you’ll be there for anyone who needs you. You’ll be a great friend, of the kind that gives everything without asking for anything in return.

Having said this, the Magic Horoscope reveals a day of peace and quiet for all matters of the heart. There won’t be quarrels with your partner, but you’ll wish you could spend more quality time together. Your children and your work are taking up most of your schedule.

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Identify your dreams, write them down in a notebook and then read them out loud: become filled with illusion, and fight for them tooth and nail.

You’ve been a bit scatterbrained, and you don’t know what your mission in life is, why you keep showing up to work every day, why you work in this field and not another one.

The most common feeling is that you do things because you’re forced to, or because you’re following orders, but not because you want to. Don’t forget, however, that you’re very talented.


You’re in great spirits and full of courage on this Monday the 14th of October, especially, to talk about some health concerns, whether physical or mental, which you suffer from, and you tend to keep to yourself because you’re a bit embarrassed to mention. Or it could also be that you’re afraid of being rejected, Scorpio, as this kind of thought is not uncommon for you.

Make any problem you have visible if your body is asking you to. This might help others in the same situation, it will give them the courage and self-confidence to come forward too.

Don’t listen to all the health and wellbeing advice or tips you see online. Remember that some so-called influencers are nothing but puppets in big marketing campaigns with the aim to promote a series of goods or services.