Scorpio Daily Horoscope for September 14

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Do you want to improve things in your relationship? Give in fully to the embrace of the goddess Venus, who’s willing to gill your heart with love and your bedroom with passion and delight, according to the Magic Horoscope’s revelations.

Be creative and break the walls you usually put up around you. Make your partner breakfast in bed, or even better, make dinner with aphrodisiacs such as oysters, champagne and strawberries. Laughter and complicity are guaranteed, and you’ll even be able to try new techniques to take you all the way to Nirvana.

If you’re single, Venus will also drag you towards happiness; you’ll have a second date with someone you already know, and it will be much better than your first one.

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Money isn’t the only valuable thing in life. Time is also precious, even if it’s difficult to appraise.

Don’t waste a second, Scorpio, doing things you don’t like, and don’t procrastinate a work, if you want to avoid having to work unpaid overtime.

Fortune will smile at you if you’ve entered some sort of contest, so long as your intelligence or strength is being evaluated. Luck in gambling is not in the cards for you today, unfortunately.


You’ll have a great critical sense. You won’t believe the fairytales you’re told about new dieting trends which would improve your health in only a few days, and you’ll even help others see the truth about this.

Trust in yourself and strengthen your self-confidence if you want to improve certain aspects of your body. You have the means to improve, and today the stars will give you great willpower.

You’ll achieve anything you set your mind to, without needing to have surgery for it. You’ll give the best of yourself.