Scorpio Daily Horoscope for April 15

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There will be a complex system of astral influences on your house. On one hand, Saturn can cause issues for some Scoprios, making them feel lonely, isolated and in a bad mood.

Some couples might even be at risk of breaking up, if they’d been having trouble in their relationship.

On the other hand, Uranus promises harmony and renovation, and it can happen many different ways. Some broken hearts might find a new love, or rekindle the one they already have.

Given the circumstances, the Magic Horoscope advises you against proposing risky adventures or sexy games for which they’re not ready.

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Communication can be tricky today when it comes to work, especially in writing.

Go over every text message, every email you have to write, and, most importantly, the articles you need to write if you’re a journalist or a professor, you’ll have to be extra careful today!

Misprints and typos will be very noticeable, so it’s best to invest some time in proofreading before hitting send (or print).

Some will observe a significant improvement in their finances, as well as a position of more responsibility, and those who were your harshest critics will try to avoid you like the plague, so they don’t have to eat their own words.


Social networks can have a toxic effect on your wellbeing, especially if you have friends who are constantly posting nice looking pictures of junk food.

You’ll spend the rest of your day craving a bite of that wonderfully greasy burger and chips dripping oil.

Control your appetite by having five meals a day, and if you can’t avoid snacking, have some carrot sticks or an apple.

Also, the Magic Horoscope stars say you’ll have to face your irrational fears, you’ll have to deal with that animal or situation that freaks you out so much.

Is it a fear of heights, arachnophobia, or an achilles heel?