Scorpio Daily Horoscope for August 15

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A good wind of tenderness and sensuality blows around you, Scorpio, and you’d even make a deal with the Devil himself to ensure everything stays the same. You’d want to stay on this August day forever!

Enjoy it, it’s a chance to take off on a romantic flight which will blossom and brighten up your daily life; there’s many lucky Scorpios who are currently nurturing a budding relationship.

Some very uncomfortable situations in your relationship will solve themselves; if you’ve recently had big communication problems, you’ll start finding solutions to it. Kisses are better than screams, do not doubt it.

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On a professional level you’ll show great creativity and a high level of consistency towards your goals. You know what you want, and you’re completely focused.

You’ll calm yourself down when you’ve made mistakes, and you’ll know how to make others feel better if those mistakes are the result of joint decisions. You’ll do everything in your power to ensure things go smoothly, and you’ll feel appreciated because of your temperament, and you like the feeling.

You’re in a good place to go over your accounts. It’s perfect to implement truly beneficial changes; go to your bank to see if you can improve any of your conditions. It’s worth a try if it means saving money!

Some lucky Scorpios will have a huge lucky strike today; you’ll be audacious if you need to partake in any kind of competition, for example, a cultural contest.


Jupiter is well positioned in your sky, which means you’ll have a very active life, but you’ll also need to relax with your loved ones, whether they’re friends or family.

Watching your kids play in the garden, or listening to your grandfather narrate a battle, will be very gratifying, it will connect you with your roots and clear your mind.

You’ll feel that the efforts you’ve made, at work, for example, are only worthwhile if you can share happy times with your loved ones, and that the tiredness you feel is worth it.