Scorpio Daily Horoscope for July 15

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Your life at home will be particularly pleasant and harmonious, as the stars will make things easy for you.

Moreover, if you get bored and decide to pick a fight, you’ll only encounter a white flag from your partner, who’d rather make love than war. Champagne and roses are a better investment than throwing knives.

Some Scorpios will change their lifestyles and their behaviour through some very positive new friendships.

You won’t find the love of your life amongst those new acquaintances, even though you might think so right now; it’s a shame. However, you’ll benefit from having fun, going out and partying.

This will come especially handy if you’ve just had a more subdued period, where you struggled to get ready and go out. The world is waiting for you to go out and have fun!

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Responsibility: that’s what the stars ask of you, and that you should demand of yourself. You need self-discipline at work, and to take a step back to pave the way for future development.

Do you think you’ve reached your glass ceiling, or is there still some room for ascending the mountain in front of you?

You’ll have to discard anything that might distract you from your tasks, and focus on specific goals. More following those who know, less gossiping!

You’ll make some efforts to earn more, but they will eventually yield results, you’ll see!


You need to be more sensible, Scorpio, and accept that you’re not bulletproof: your health can suffer if you’re constantly battling and leading a stressful life.

Many will be surprised to find they don’t have an appetite, that they have a knot in their stomach, and this will all be a consequence of behaving irresponsibly.

Learning to delegate and to manage things requires skill, and as with anything, practice makes perfect.

You should also take better care of your oral health. Remember that while a glass of wine is part of a healthy diet, it can also stain your teeth.