Scorpio Daily Horoscope for May 15

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You’ll have a black and white day, where there’ll be no middle ground.

Jupiter is trying to drive you down the path of insanity, and you’ll probably experience very strong storms and equally intense reconciliations due to its strong influence.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, just go along with it and you’ll feel more alive than ever, you’ll want to keep moving forwards, even if it is just to keep arguing and making up with the person you love (and to whom you’re not always faithful).

For a few Scorpios, though, there’s a potential conflict between love and finances, which isn’t easy to solve unless sacrifices are made.

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Thanks to a favourable environment, the financial problems that usually bring you down, will be resolved instantly, you’ll even think they’re irrelevant at a certain point.

You’ll have to keep an eye out for an opportunity to chat with someone higher up the ladder than you, who might test you without you knowing it. Keep your eyes and ears open!

You know that very expensive thing you want, don’t buy it, at least, not yet. Have you thought about seeing how much you could get it for second hand?


Your connection with the spiritual world will be very strong, Scorpio, and your sixth sense which is usually dormant will be very active.

Therefore, prepare yourself to receive signs, messages your subconscious will send you in your dreams, or perhaps you’ll feel the presence of someone who’s passed away but who’s watching over you.

The astral advice is to keep these things to yourself; truth is that those around you won’t believe your premonitions or experiences today, so save yourself some trouble and keep them to yourself.

The excuse of not having enough time to go to the gym is getting old, so find a new one. And if you really can’t go, try to at least work out at home, even if it’s just doing some sit ups and some squats.