Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Simplicity is the key to success in your love life, Scorpio, at least today. Don’t embark on complicated projects to make your partner happy, you’ll have greater success with small details.

When was the last time you bought them chocolates or flowers? You don’t have to wait for your anniversary to show them your love with a gift!

If you’re living a forbidden love (where passion triumphs over feelings) you’ll have some problems with the other party. Conflicting schedules that make planning the next encounter tricky, or even a great lack of chemistry, as the flame might have dwindled.

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Your budget becomes easier to manage once this second week of September comes to an end: carelessness will reign today, watch every single penny!

Either way, your spirit invites you to live without fear of boundaries, and to cover your needs in a lighter way. You’ll know how to sow exclusively what you want to reap, which will save you some time.

Plus, the Magic Horoscope stars will give you a hand so others listen to your claims and offer you solutions.


Look for activities which allow you to get rid of the bad vibes you’ve accumulated over the last couple of days. You’ll maintain your balance and you’ll look for a circuit with a jacuzzi, sauna and hot stone massages.

You’ll be able to find good opportunities, however slim they might be, to slow downtime and increase your interaction with interesting people.

There’s a festive air around you which bewitches your personal development projects, all is light inside your heart.

Be careful with your exposure to the sun. If you’re going to sunbathe, make sure you’re using sunscreen, and protection for your lips too.