Scorpio Daily Horoscope for April 16

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Wait a few days before making a decision regarding your love life, even if you’ve already made up your mind: sleep on it one more time.

Jupiter wants you to be free and unencumbered, and even, dare we say it, a bit uncompromising. And this will push you to make final decisions that you will regret later on.

This applies not only to those who are in a fatally wounded relationship, it will apply also to those who have everything except happiness.

If you’re single, you’ll pretend to be someone who’s proud to be single, and who can successfully fend for themselves, you may be able to fool others, but you can’t fool yourself.

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There are many planets currently influencing Scorpio’s financial aspects, and the show generally favourable configurations.

You’ll need to manage the budget you’ve set for yourself skillfully, in order to avoid trouble; but this shouldn’t be too hard, truth be told.

Managing your time will be crucial if you’re a company director (or even if you’re not, but have to face a long day at work).

Get up early to organise your schedule efficiently, setting priorities and classifying your tasks into three categories: urgent, important and others. You know what to do to be a veritable wolf!


You won’t have much physical strength, so choose carefully which of today’s tasks will be postponed.

Take some precautions such as an early night, and make sure your diet is rich in minerals, especially magnesium.

Your mood will be a bit off, your spirits will be lower than usual, perhaps due to envy, because someone has victimised you, and you hate this, or perhaps due to guilt you’ve been carrying on your shoulders.

These traits can become rather toxic in some Scorpios, which will eventually cross the line by trying to find pleasure regardless of the pain this may cause their loved ones.