Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Thanks to Jupiter’s presence, people will wish they could be you. This planet fills you with light and puts you in a great mood.

This way, your relationship will be spicy, full of fun and, generally speaking, very good. Plus, together you’ll detect some problems, but you’ll find a way to solve them through dialogue. Nothing can stop you!

If you’re single, your libido will be through the roof, there’s no excuses, no saying that you’re too old to clean up nicely and go out on the prowl! There’s still a hurricane in you, you just need to know how to let it out.

Some Scorpios will have a slightly egocentric but very attractive demeanor, which will captivate everyone around them; your power of seduction will be (nearly) at its highest level.

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Stop for a second and be realistic, with your bank statement in one hand and your pending bills in the other.

This is the time to consider your financial situation seriously. What’s going wrong is your organization, your priorities are muddled up!

Seek help to achieve a solid and efficient management; knocking on the right door will allow you to increase your resources.

At work you’ll benefit from the great affluence of Neptune to broaden your professional horizons; you’ll evaluate the possibility of changing departments, or starting a new degree, for example.


Don’t trust trends, such as the one of going around barefoot all day, with the basis that humans are born without shoes and this would allow them to live their lives without any issues.

Nothing good can come out of it, Scorpio, especially if you go barefoot on the street, or while you’re jogging through the countryside!

Do some exercises to strengthen your inner thighs, more specifically, the muscles that help tense up the legs. Many sports injuries happen because this area isn’t strengthened properly.