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These days, the energy is more sensitive, and you might tend to want to explain and justify everything. You know that you won't feel very comfortable if you're in that position, right? Don't judge yourself, observe yourself.

Surrendering to sensitivity is not what we are taught, giving place to unconscious processes either, even though we know that many times it's necessary. 

Try to let the wave touch you and take you... Making yourself part of its rhythm. It can even be pleasant.

Observe your dreams, give place to the unconscious to process, it knows better than we do and easily accommodates the problems that may remain unresolved concerning your heart.

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How many times a day do you ask yourself if you are really doing what you want or if you're just doing it for doing sake?

If we could be more present in the here and now, we would give space to the true dialogue with ourselves. Perhaps you could even stop calling a "setback" to these pauses that come... And take the time to check whether there has not actually been a deviation from the real path.

You are so busy complying with the outside... And with everything, forcing destiny to balance what has not been able to do from will and conscious thought.


You should think about buying a plant for home; it will give life and color to your house. Decorating is what the body is asking you for, don't neglect its needs, no matter how puerile they seem to you.

Remember to look after your heart avoiding saturated fats and choosing to eat organic food. Take some fiber and fruit every morning. Remember to try to always have a healthy breakfast in the morning.

Arterial hypertension is the reflection of the pressure that your arteries bear when the blood moves with each heartbeat. The problem is that it doesn't usually cause symptoms.