Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


Use some of your time to intimate with your partner, Scorpio. You can't just forget about the person you're with. No matter how stressed you are, the sexual aspect mustn't be neglected.

Look for that powerful person in you, with strong, passionate instincts. It's time to let yourself go by passion and by the earthliest attraction. 

Dissatisfaction can be something that makes you get a bit distanced from your partner. In this case, the stars let you know that this feeling can end today if you know how to leave resentment aside and start again. 

Single Scorpios will meet someone that doesn't seem to be very sexual, but hey! They're pure dynamite!

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You don't like it; you have a bad feeling about it... Put an end to all toxic thoughts. Let facts talk; you cloud your vision with too much mental rumination and too little action.

What you feel or not is irrelevant, you must act because it's your moment now, and not later, Scorpio. Following your intuition is not always your best option, your rational part will also have something to say about this issue. 

The stars tell you to try to pay less attention to a woman who has a significant weight in your life. As much as that woman loves you, her suggestions obey what she expects of life and not what you have really come to do in the world, Scorpio.


In Scorpios, the diseases they have in the future are only the consequence of what they do all this time. Are you looking after yourself as best as you can?

There is a tendency to overweight and heart problems if you neglect your habits. 

You could go to a nutritionist one of these days to get the help you need and achieve those goals that seem unachievable. Preventing is getting better with no pain.