Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


There’s a somewhat unstable atmosphere in Scorpio’s matters of the heart. You’re worried about your management of feelings, but you’ll also fuel tensions at home.

You’re taking one step forward and two steps back, the cosmos gives you great sensual gratification, wellbeing and pleasure, but also a few headaches, according to the daily prediction.

The headaches will be bigger if you’re starting a relationship which isn’t socially accepted, whether it’s due to the age gap, or because it’s started after the end of a long marriage.

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There might be arguments at home. The Magic Horoscope foresees clouds in the sky and all sorts of disagreements.

The problem won’t be the ambition of others, but the fact that each one of you will want to allocate resources according to their unique criteria and point of view.

Careful. Don’t believe everybody else is wrong and you’re the sole owner of the absolute truth. Perhaps your ideas are good, but there’s always room for improvement.

At work someone new will come who will stir everything up; they’ll be a hurricane of energy that could exasperate you at times (until you learn to channel that energy).


Comments about your body will make you feel very insecure, Scorpio. Comments about what clothes look better on you, or what part of the body you should draw attention away from with a different style.

Perhaps you think you don’t have insecurities, but today you’ll feel vulnerable before attitudes you don’t understand, which are full of malice. Don’t give your enemies the pleasure of sinking your boat, stay afloat at all times.

Do what you fancy doing, don’t feel socially compelled to have a glass of wine when you don’t feel like having alcohol, or to skip your diet under the pretext that just once can’t hurt. Be true to your principles.