Scorpio Daily Horoscope for April 17

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Do you get cold when you’re in bed with your partner? Use this day to reconcile and reconnect, let the making up be like fireworks.

Have the courage to make the first move, even if you have to make up excuses for it, or if you think you’re in the right. Sacrifices sometimes must be made!

If you’re single, caution is advised for you today, deceit and pretense will be a part of your dates.

You know what? Now is not the time to enter into a commitment, but it is the time to get to know the other person inside out, and to enjoy life.

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You’re tormented by the feeling that your days never have enough hours, that time you need to carry out your activities is being taken away from you.

This will prompt you to become more efficient, tackling the most important tasks first, without getting sidetracked by less urgent matters or distractions.

The sun will ignite your ambition and you’ll do everything you can to be successful, especially if you work in retail.

Watch out for Mercury though, it may put all sorts of obstacles in your way, which can become a real nuisance.


The best thing to lose weight, something you might be obsessed with today, is to have a healthy diet and regularly exercise, but you’ve known this all along.

If the Magic Horoscope is saying something so elementary, it’s because there’s plenty of fad diets being advertised as practically miraculous.

Oftentimes, they pose a real risk to the users’ mental and physical health, especially, if you buy them online and use the items (or medicines, or infusions) however you please, believing they will help you detox.

The risks of abrupt weight loss outweigh the benefits by a clear country mile, don’t forget this. Also, since miracles don’t exist, think about it: if a product, some capsules for example, appears too good to be true, then chances are, it isn’t true.