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You’re too meticulous, Scorpio: Your obsession over details can overwhelm your partner, the love you have for each other and other feelings. Your obsession for perfect tidiness is valid, of course, but it can get in the way of your relationship. You might lose sight of the good things!

In spite of everything you want to have a light and faithful, flexible but organized relationship. Contradictory much? Without a doubt, and the cherry on top is that your attitude will only make things harder, and your partner will end up blaming you for all that’s going wrong.

If you’re single you’ll question whether what you feel is romantic love or friendship (perhaps even if you’re married, and it won’t be about your partner).

Take baby steps in this story that might make you lose your head; you’ll enjoy discovering that your crush has a similar vibe to yours, and perhaps even similar problems.

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Do you notice the calm you feel this Saturday? Make the most of it put your thoughts in order. You can’t make money if your ideas are all muddled up.

You risk exhausting yourself with fruitless activities which will yield no profit. Don’t leave things to chance, focus on working hard!

If you’re currently looking for a job, this weekend’s events won’t be great.

You’ll have a tendency to close yourself up, Scorpio, to seek refuge in your solitude and avoid facing your difficulties.


You’ll feel frustrated and irritable. Look for the real reasons for this deep inside you, and you’ll understand how you have to act.

You have a strong desire to relax, this is the only obstacle in your health goals, you need to make time to rest properly.

You might think that traveling is your best choice to get away from your routine and disconnect for a bit, but perhaps you’d rest better if you stayed home with your phone off.

Don’t forget to air your mind at the end of the day with a nice walk at a healthy pace, and if it’s somewhere surrounded by nature, trees and without noise pollution, even better.