Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



You go from one extreme to another: from the most passional fusion to the coldest indifference. How can that be possible, Scorpio!? This is the state of your heart right now. A transit of Venus with Pluto makes you more of a scorpion than ever.

If it's already difficult to be you, the intense and unstable forces of the planets make you even more uncontrollable. 

Art is an excellent way of regulating the dominant mood you're going through right now. Express everything you live, and you feel the rest aren't going to understand. 

You might be right, not all have been blessed with the faculty to explore the depths of one's own darkness. If you control that power, no one and nothing will be able to stop you, Scorpio. 

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Honor your time by living in the present moment. It's here and now that you can change things: not in the journeys of your mind to the past; or in the visions of a hopeful future... Now!

The commitment with your own ideals must be stronger than ever, in a world where the instantaneous and the easy to discard are paramount. You're a long-distance runner; you will need more preparation than an average person because your steps will go where few have been.

Don't let the beliefs of a safe life take away the concern of who you really are, what you want, and above all, keep at bay what you wish for but you know won't do you any good. 


Health is a constant commitment that you may be neglecting lately. Recent ailments lead you to worry about your health, but what if you started using prevention methods instead of thinking about your body when there's nothing to do? 

Scorpio, you need to stop worrying. You have to think about your health, OK, but you need to give it a less dramatic perspective. 

The actions you take towards your cure will be favorable. You just need to get on with it. What is for sure is that after this period, you won't underestimate your wellbeing as you did before, or take it for granted...