Scorpio Daily Horoscope for January 17

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The contrast of colours make the picture more vivid, and this also happens in your love relationships. Most of the couples are never completely apart and when they share time, are they both living that moment at 100%?

Everyday nature makes it feel normal to look at our phone when we are with somebody. What kind of message are we sending the other person with this behaviour?

Instead of sharing every moment, feed your own space and the one of the couple, Scorpio. Otherwise, you don't allow your independent growth. 

The exercise for Scorpios today is to be less aware of the messages your partner sends you on social networks throughout the day.

This will be good because when you see your better half again, you feel the need of kissing them and having an interesting conversation, without looking at your phone all the time. 

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Adapt to what they expect of you; at work, you need to show your professionalism. Even if your work is not too formal, when money is at stake, it is better to take it more deeply.

Extract from your company, or of just thinking of yourself, the necessary motivation to be a better person.


Your future in the field of health is very positive and without major concerns, on the condition that you start attending too many factors right now. 

Do you sleep enough? Do you have some time during the day to distract your mind? All these factors count when living more and better, Scorpio. 

If you have any bad habit, the best thing to do will be to look for some help to solve it if you can't do it with your own means.

This step would be significant to highlight your health and make it a priority in your life; you'll have some uncomfortable consequences if you don't do so.