Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The Magic Horoscope propitiates a slight decrease in speed, make the most of it to make a balance of your love life.

Find the motivation to be happy within yourself, Scorpio. To improve yourself and give love that will then come back to you. You’ll reap whatever you sow.

If you’re single, your attitude might be more subdued than usual; you’ll be the seduced one and not the seducer.

Try to let go of the fears that make you compare your current relationship with the ones your partner had before. You’re no better or worse, and if they chose to spend their lives with you, there must be a good reason, don’t you think?

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Your Tuesday appears to be more hectic than usual, according to the daily prediction. There won’t be any hurricanes, but you will have to overcome some small obstacles that will turn the day into a challenging one.

There’s more potholes and problems in your finances than you want to admit. Someone close to you, such as your partner, or sibling, will try to help you understand what’s going wrong and how you can improve it today, but you’ll disregard their suggestions through sheer selfishness. You’ll only like the ideas you come up with.


Gardening will give you great peace. Scorpio, you’ll help the planet breathe, plus, it’ll help you reduce your electricity bill. For example, if you plant luscious trees in your garden, it’ll help you spend less on air conditioning.

Doing a good deed like this one helps preserve the environment, as it reduces the carbon levels in the air, and increases the production of oxygen.

Your general tone will be good; you won’t have to stay home because you feel weak, but you also shouldn’t sign up for every event you’re invited to. An early night might be the best choice for you.