Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


You have to admit that your romantic life isn’t one of your priorities, at least not today.

You could make more of an effort to spend time with your partner and improvise a honeymoon, for example, or simply have dinner, just the two of you, while you listen to their favourite record.

If you’re a parent, you will also evade your responsibilities a bit, and that can generate complex situations and heated arguments.

If you’re single, you won’t feel like going on the prowl, or being wooed either for that matter. When your friends call you to go out, make an effort to go anyway, you never know what might happen.

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Have you been plagiarizing other people’s ideas to get promoted at work, or to make money in any other way, Scorpio?

You’d better not. This day indicates that many matters related to intellectual property will come to light today (you might even be the one who sues someone for plagiarizing your work), while at the same time creativity and originality will be valued.

Jupiter will guard you, and will help you move towards a future professional promotion, creating influential supporters who will vouch for you. Keep your enthusiasm and determination to work hard, which are the two main ingredients in the recipe for success!


You’re in good shape with good muscle tone during this beautiful Sunday of August, but it could be even better if you wanted.

Why not make the most of this beautiful energy to undertake sporting activities which will do you a world of good?

You don’t need to become an Olympic medallist in any category, you just need to work out a bit and get your body in shape. In fact, being in good shape, with good resilience and muscle tone will be useful to avoid accidents at work, for example.

Above all, the stars invite you to practice sports on wheels. How about going for a bike ride, or getting your roller skates out to strengthen your legs?