Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



You need to pay more attention to your love relationship if you want it to improve. Things don't just solve by magic, Scorpio.

If you've been avoiding your partner intentionally because of domestic matters, you better pay some attention as soon as possible to these matters, because they are getting out of control, and if you add the fact that your partner is mad at you...

If you've been together for a long time, one of you will want to go and live together but the other part won't feel like it. You still need to spend more time together and know exactly what you can expect one of the other. 

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Your economy begins to flourish, after a bad streak. You've been working hard, and now you're starting to see the results.

Today, issues related to your home and your family will take center stage. Home because it can be an unexpected source of repair costs and some objects that deserve an immediate replacement, Scorpio.

And your family will ask you for some money; you have some relatives that aren't going through a good moment... if you help them, they will be thankful. 


When you think you're about to explode, you tend to make the rest of the people pay for it. This may "work" temporarily, because it empties you inside, but it affects your health even worse, by seizing the people around you with your toxic load.

This has terrible consequences on your mood, and it leaves you with a feeling of guilt that makes things even more complicated. Stop the spiral of suffering and listen to your body.

Your stomach will keep telling you that it's hungry when it's not; you will want to sleep when you are supposed to be active, etc. These are the first symptoms of depression. After having fought so much, the body gets tired. Watch your reactions.