Scorpio Daily Horoscope for January 18

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You feel comfortable being enigmatic for the rest. It's up to you to get away of the herd and experiment your emotions as they come, with no ties. Cultivating your sensitivity makes you unique but also exposes you to get hurt. 

Everyone sees you as an extraterrestrial, but maybe the difference isn't so abysmal. Have a conversation about the topics that concern you with who shows some interest, and you'll discover that you're not as lonely as you think. 

Scorpios tend to isolate themselves from time to time from reality, but you should learn to take the ups and downs in your sociability with serenity or else it will be difficult for you to recover your inner balance.

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You love making decisions and being the one who takes responsibility for everything you do. Your superiors trust you, and they let you do by your own judgment. However, you'll have to give account for your work.

It's a new task, and although you are sure you can do it correctly, you must calm your superiors by letting them know your results. They might not ask for it, but if you do so, it will be a good move for you. 

You also avoid giving an appearance of arrogance that distances you from your colleagues. From humility, you can learn much more and prevent future mistakes that will harm you.

The possibility of earning money through external economic transactions or by giving advice is favorable.


Stomachache is not something to laugh about. Not just any kind of food is right for you. What if you change the chip? Eating more vegetables and fruit keeps the machine, your body, perfectly oiled and fully operational.

Avoid street food that you love for some time. You can allow yourself some whims but don't let it happen regularly.