Scorpio Daily Horoscope for June 18

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If you’re single, you’ll have an enemy in your love life: Neptune’s disruptive presence. The Magic Horoscope tells you there’ll be trouble in your emotional life, whether because you’re distracted or because you become jealous of a free spirit.

There might also be an argument with an ex-partner with whom there’s still some pending issues, for example, if you’re still negotiating the divorce, or if there’s some belongings that haven’t been handed over yet.

If you’re in a relationship, some Scorpios will have the misfortune of experiencing an intense and tormented passion… for someone who’s not your other half. Something that might even make you want to end your relationship.

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At a professional level, you’ll receive attractive offers. But don’t choose too fast, what might seem gold at first might end up being tin. Study each offer carefully before making a decision.

Sleepover it, or seek advice from your loved ones; they might give you ideas on how to how to get to the truth so you can verify first hand if there’s anything dodgy, or if everything is by the book, with no small print or unpleasant surprises.

Some friend who’s desperate to save money might get on your nerves calling you up or writing to you to make low-cost plans; you’ll be tempted to say yes just to shut them up, but, do you really fancy doing what they’re proposing?


As we get older, crow’s feet, puffy eyes and dark circles become a part of your daily life, that’s a fact and there’s nothing to do but accept it.

Do you want to minimize those signs of aging? You could start using a night cream that helps repair cellular damage overnight, or eye cream. You can do the same with eye serums, there’s plenty of options.

You just need to get used to a routine in order to improve your aspect! And if you’re young, there’ll be no harm in starting to take care of yourself too.