Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Venus and Pluto preside over Scorpio’s love sky, and for this reason those who are single will discover the refined kind of love they’d been dreaming of for so long.

You’ll have a date with someone very intelligent, or with a distinguished personality, almost posh, but later on, you’ll discover that dreams aren’t real, and that the profile you long for isn’t the one that could truly make you happy.

If you’re in a relationship you’ll be moved by an intense need for freedom, you’ll want to get rid of the shackles you can feel around your neck.

And not to have a one night stand, or a fleeting romance, but to be free and on your own; you’ll want to be able to enjoy your own company, and your solitude.

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The Magic Horoscope will facilitate travelling for matters related to money and work, especially if you need to close deals away from your usual environment.

You might feel scared, and there’s nothing wrong with that: but once you find the right rhythm you’ll feel very comfortable, and you’ll make connections which will prove very useful in the future.

Don’t forget, Scorpio, that part of your professional worth is directly linked to the number and quality of connections you have in your portfolio.

There is a chance, due to the influence of three planets, of you going overboard spending money on recreational activities; you can always find cheaper alternatives which are as much fun and as intense, so hold your horses a little!


Are you in work this Saturday? Watch out for accidents at your workplace, especially if you work at great altitudes. Falls and scares will abound, so watch your step. Running around like a headless chicken is thus forbidden!

That aside, the Magic Horoscope will give you a good level of energy, and you’ll be a good student for those who want to teach you how to improve your quality of life.

Cultivate your mind a little, read more novels, essays or poetry, and play wit and strategy games, to keep your mind active and keen; basically, stay brilliant.