Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Your relationship is uplifted smoothly, and before you know it, it will have become idyllic.

Your spouse will accept new rules and will learn to respect the hunger for freedom you sometimes get: they will trust you without asking for anything in return.

Beware, Scorpio: don’t use this to do something irreversible and irreparable. Freedom and debauchery aren’t synonyms, you may think they’re linked, but they’re really not.

If you’re single, you’ll feel like you’d go to the end of the world if that meant being with that person you like.

Given the amount of positive influences on your house, happiness will come to you. Your love stories might be tortuous and complicated, but very satisfying.

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You won’t have any major financial problems to worry about, thanks to Neptune’s protection.

But you won’t have a stroke of luck that’ll turn you into a millionaire overnight either.

It will be entirely up to you to manage your budget wisely in the last part of Easter, but you shouldn’t worry too much as Saturn will make you austere.

Professionally, you will be able to act freely, without having to explain yourself too much; people won’t be looking over your shoulder today.

If you focus all of your energy on a couple of specific goals, you’ll reap the greatest benefits. You might take the first steps towards an important promotion or towards a career change.


The Magic Horoscope wants you to know that your best allies right now are sports. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, you’ll have the chance to move and this will do you some good both physically and mentally.

You’ll have to manage your anxiety and your temper, you’re at risk of clashes with friends and family.

If you don’t control your temper, the environment will become insufferable, but Jupiter will help de-escalate things.

And don’t forget to stay hydrated, it’s very important!