Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


Be tolerant if you want to prevent a storm in your love life, Scorpio. This day will be no fairytale, but it won’t be a horror story either, so long as you make an effort.

If you’re single, you’ll despair at the lack of logic in some of the conversations you have with a potential suitor.

You know what? They’re not the right person for you, so just turn over a new leaf, and while you’re at it, learn to value your freedom and independence. Don’t embark on a pointless story that has no future.

At home, pay more attention to your children’s concerns; there’s something they’re hiding from you, which you should be made aware of.

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You have projects in your mind,and at times an idea pops into your mind like a flash of lightning, on how to improve them. These ideas are like gemstones, don’t lose them!

Carry pen and paper with you and write down everything that pops into your mind, however crazy it might seem. There’ll be plenty of time to polish the details!

If you’re waiting to see the results of things you haven’t done yet, stop complaining and get to work, without haste and without pause.

Try to control your impulsiveness and impatience, they will only hurt you and will undo any progress you’ve made at work. Tackle your challenges one at a time, without leaving anything to chance, this way you’ll achieve success and abundance, Scorpio.


You’ll receive the news pertaining to your health that you’d been waiting for; it’s time to pick up the results of the analysis you had done a few days ago, or perhaps you’ll get a phone call to give you an appointment for some minor surgery you’d been waiting for. It will all be positive in this sense!

Mars is influencing the area of your health, making you a lot feistier, your willpower will be strong and you’ll overcome certain fears that had been holding you back.

If you need to lose weight, you’ll finally find a diet that works, but think of it as a long term commitment, it won’t be a case of starting your diet and going down 3 clothing sizes automatically.

Bear in mind that you physical resilience will be a bit lower than usual, so take the necessary precautions, such as taking vitamin supplements.