Scorpio Daily Horoscope for January 19

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- Love
- Money
- Health


Stop worrying about those nasty words that were said. A friendly attitude arises on both sides and fuses you into an embrace of mutual understanding.

Today's arguments, if there are any, won't be horrible. Egos are kept at bay by virtue of Neptune's great vibrations.

The mystic influx of the eighth planet makes you focus on the most spiritual part of the relationship. You're no longer content with doing things "half-assed." Half conversations, half confidence...

You'll get to the end of it together, and this will change you. Your souls are touched, and authentic love comes out, the one that goes further than the physical appearance, materialisms... Today your power emanates from your heart

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You get back some money that you wouldn't see again. This is going to make you extremely happy. You're not materialistic, but money you don't expect makes anyone happy. Feel proud of those trustful friends you have that comply with the given word.

Today's vibration will also demand the counterpart. Do you owe anyone some money? The chickens that come out for the ones that come in, Scorpio. Pay what you owe with this extra and breathe easy again.


It seems that after Christmas, the excesses committed during meals are still present. Those extra kilos are not going to go away on their own because you want them to, you will have to take matters into your own hands.

Scorpio needs vigorous activity to be happy. Apart from it being very necessary due to the tendency to store kilocalories, without exercise, toxins and even bad moods, invade you.

Have you ever practiced martial arts? It is one of the exercises most related to Scorpio's energy because it needs constancy and hardness of character to practice it.

No matter what discipline you're interested in, you can practice it, always taking appropriate safety measures.