Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


You’ll be rigid and close-minded, perhaps too much, and you won’t allow any of this Sunday’s events to be monotonous or routinary.

So much so, that your partner might feel a bit exhausted by your intensity, you’ll even want to try new experiences in the realm of passion and sex!

A little word of warning: certain sexual practices can’t be done without preparation, no matter how often you’ve seen it in films or read about it in a novel. Don’t jeopardise your physical integrity in exchange for fireworks!

If you’re single you’ll have to be patient if you’ve recently been smitten: your phone won’t ring just because you want it to, it will ring at its own time.

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You want to renew your closet, buy new season clothes, and if they’re designer clothes all the better, am I right?

To be more environmentally friendly, Jupiter will invite you to go over the clothes you have, you’ll see there’s many you have barely worn.

And some you’ve never even put on, perhaps because you were waiting to lose a few pounds, or because you only bought it because it was cheap, but you don’t really like it.

You need to learn to lead a sustainable consumption of goods, and be mindful of our natural resources, and stop consuming until you run out of money and closet space, alright?

Be patient when dealing with obnoxious customers, if you’re one of those who has to work this weekend.


Your life will be a bit more complicated than usual if your schedule isn’t like that of most people, if you work the graveyard shift, for example.

You’ll struggle to keep your natural rhythms working properly, especially if the habits of those you live with clash with yours directly.

Also remember that you can have mood swings when working at these kinds of places, and you can also struggle with stress, fatigue or have trouble falling asleep, due to which you need to be especially careful with your diet, to make sure you don’t lack any nutrients.