Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Cupid casts arrows around you and you might feel attraction (or even love) for more than one person at once. You’ll struggle to pick one Scorpio!

According to the daily prediction, you’ll value attitude above beauty and physique. The power of an honest (and erotic) glance will melt you in a matter of seconds.

Some of these new love stories might start at work. Do you have a new colleague that made you hear church bells in your mind the second they walk through the door? However, you know that mixing love and business can be a lethal mistake, and it’s not advisable at all.

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Your head will be good for wearing a hat and very little else today. The stars will make you very untidy, and your ability to focus will be limited.

The Magic Horoscope shows success is trying to reach you, but you avoid it. You don’t see the opportunities you have to make good connections you can ask favours from, or with whom you can do business in the future.

Plus, you’ll be a bit ahead of schedule and this will make you cocky, as well as cold and calculating. Try to take action so that luck doesn’t pass you by, as some trains don’t come by often in life.


You’re weak, Scorpio, and you might fall into temptations that are detrimental to your health. You like to embrace pleasure, and go out for drinks (and drink more than your liver can take) or consume substances which are harmful to you, such as tobacco. Try to be strong, do it for your own sake.

Today you have enough energy but don’t know how to channel it, although it’s not that hard if you open your mind. Look for a personal trainer who can give you some advice and who can design an exercise plan which respects your physical condition and you age.