Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


The Scorpio sky will be struck by lightning today, emotional earthquakes will catch you unprepared, and you’ll be afraid of suffering irreparable damage.

Those couples going through a rough spot will have to communicate openly to be able to reach a resolution: is it time to give up and go your separate ways, or gain new momentum and keep investing in your relationship?

These questions won’t be answered in a split second, don’t rush the dialogue and be brave. And grab some tissues, you might shed a tear or two.

If you’re single, Cupid won’t be circling around you today, and it won’t be the day to find your soulmate. It won’t be the end of the world if you cancel that date you’re unsure about.

You’ll be better off spending some time with your children, or with your friends, or even visiting an elderly relative who usually spends a lot of time alone at home.


Today you’ll hear a noise and you won’t know where it’s coming from, your mental faculties won’t be at their best; you’ll be too scatterbrained.

This lack of attention can lead you to make mistakes, which can be more or less serious, and which might even be flagged to your supervisors.

Try to conceal it, pretend you haven’t messed up; you won’t have the sacred planetary protection around you, by trying to get away with it through concealing it.

Watch out for your competitors, they’ll try to capitalize on your mistakes.


You do some of your daily self-care routines in autopilot, like a robot, without asking yourself how or why you’re doing them.

Maybe some of them not only do nothing for your health, but are also bad for you, so don’t be naive.

Remember to stay well hydrated, carry a bottle of water with you during the day, and drink whenever you’re thirsty.

Or if you want to be environmentally conscious, use a reusable water bottle rather than a disposable one. You’ll help reduce waste in the world!