Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Doubts and fears have no room in your life today; you’ve found a good emotional balance and the cosmos gives you wings to fly in your love life.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised when your partner proposes a crazy endeavour which will break your routine.

Other days you would’ve analyze the pros and cons, but today you’ll jump in head first, you’ll love that they’re taking the initiative and you’ll join in immediately.

Together you’ll reach a good compromise; you’re honest with each other, and this yield great results.

If you’re single, an exotic encounter will disrupt your routine. You’re used to a very predictable life, and you’ll be surprised by the changes happening around you.

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Many Scorpios might be overwhelmed by the end of a professional relationship, who are now thinking about what they’re going to do for a living now, how they’ll generate money.

If your contract is over (or is about to be) don’t worry, the stars are watching over you and they’ll make sure you find a new job.

However, it’s always a good idea to make an appointment with an employment consultant to show you how to project the best of yourself to maximize your opportunities.

Searching for a job is a job in and of itself. You should spend several hours a day sending your resume around, whether it’s a hard copy or online. No one will call you if you don’t give them your past experience and phone number!


Your goal today is to improve your wellbeing and your physical appearance. You’ll want to gain muscle mass if you go to the gym, or lose weight if you’re on a diet.

Your energy will be channelled positively, so discard the idea of reaching quick results through drugs of questionable legality (which can be more harmful than good for you; watch over your health).

Your hedonism can cause you great fatigue by the end of the day, control your enthusiasm to avoid burning out.