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Your partner's demands are insufferable for you. Why does she or he have to be reproaching you all the time, if you don't?

Allowing some behaviors that you didn't agree with in the past, has made you see yourself in this current state of nonconformity.

The solution is to sit down with that person and take to them and have a sincere and deep conversation. Tell them you don't like their attitude. An ultimatum will work well, resort to them if you see fit. 

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Working even on holidays doesn't make you more productive, nor does it lead to greater prestige within your company. Not having a personal life also damages your image... Obsessions aren't elegant.

You see your productivity decrease in spite of all your efforts: you're on the verge of collapse. You don't treat your colleagues at work well because your eagerness to do things right doesn't leave you time to share with them.

Balance is the key, both in woking issues and economic ones. Working too much weakens you mentally, and in the long run, this leads to a loss of your monetary capacity.


It's important to perceive and recognize when you're saturated of negative charge, so you can get rid of that burden, Scorpio

You are saturated when your mood changes; when you feel that your body muscles weigh you down; when you aren't able to think clearly or to execute the simplest plans!

The management of stressed produced by accumulation consists of finding escape routes that empty that bottle.

These emotional decompression ways are like bubbles. Small breaths that lighten and relieve stress. An excellent escape is to laugh with people who share your sense of humor, Scorpio.