Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



The mornings that arrive at the dawn of the new year are propitious for decisions and renewals in the sentimental aspect.

Put an end to the past, that ex-partner that hurt you so much, impossible loves, and thoughts that make you believe that the story would have been different if you had acted otherwise. 

Be good to yourself and to everyone else. Isn't that an excellent plan? Stop hurting yourself, because if you think about it, you just cultivate sadness instead of love. It will be different now!

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Planning the day and organizing priorities allows you to free the spirit. This way, thoughts become more creative. And you can then reflect on it seriously and move forward towards the good sense. 

In this way, there's no need to aim high or go too fast, because you run the risk of not achieving your goal and feel disappointed. It is better to proceed by parts and set progressive goals. For each small victory prepares you for the next big one.


Don't spend bad weather days sitting in front of the television, because then you end the day tired and unsatisfied, Scorpio.

Make the most of that time and do something you feel like: play with the children, repair anything that's broken, tidy a wardrobe or try a new recipe.

And then, leave home. Air your body and your mind. Going to the cinema, having a cup of tea or even visiting a museum aren't crazy plans that only other do. 

The secret of good health is that energy doesn't get stuck. Do not remain passive so as not to have the feeling of having wasted time.