Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


If you’re committed and your relationship is strong, you won’t suffer any blows that could smash your heart into tiny pieces.

Your spouse might be a bit distant at times, due to the negative influence of some planets, and naturally, this situation can make things worse if your relationship is already rocky.

If you’re single you should act more and think less, as only this way, by going through the thick of life, will you be able to meet someone of consequence.

Go on, confess your feelings, take the mask off if there’s someone you fancy. It’s a great day for a declaration of love, if they say yes, wonderful. And if they say no, it won’t be the end of the world, don’t worry!

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All your money-related skills will be on point, and you’ll be able to manage your finances skillfully and design an ambitious project if you have one in mind.

Be careful with the sky muddling the clues you have to follow, it could confuse you, turning things upside down, baffling everybody.

If this happens, stay calm: anything you propose will end up falling into place if you just give it enough time.

Make smart choices, negotiate skillfully and learn to adapt to the circumstances enthusiastically, welcome change and unforeseen circumstances with open arms.

Brilliantly defend your ideas with curiosity and enthusiasm to ascertain your goals, Scorpio.


You’ll be a veritable health nutter! You won’t spare any efforts to achieve your objectives, and you’ll spend a lot of hours at the gym if you’re trying to gain muscle mass, or of meditation if you’re more focused on training your mind than your body.

Generally speaking, physical activity will be very rewarding for you, and it will allow you to blow off some steam and free your mind from your daily struggles.

Be equally careful with your diet, and if you want to, try adding spices to your meals. Did you know that cayenne pepper, for example, helps with headaches because it contains capsaicin?