Scorpio Daily Horoscope for June 2

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You’ll have to make an inner journey, Scorpio, to learn to trust your ability to adapt and transform. You’ll improve your self-esteem, you’ll be able to make those around you happy, and you’ll experience a sense of freedom that will rid you of any ghosts from the past.

If you’re in a relationship you’ve nothing to fear: you’re under Venus’s strong protection, but also don’t take for granted or neglect your other half.

In fact, you need to pay attention to your partner, who probably isn’t as favoured by the stars as you are (unless they’re also a Scorpio, naturally).

If you’re single (but not alone) you might meet someone special to pass the time with on this last day of the week.

You might even realise that you’ve been too busy and have forgotten to be happy, to savour life. Make up for the lost time while you still can!

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Today you’ll have to consolidate a professional relationship or strengthen a recent bond with someone who shares your trade (but don’t think of it as a competition).

Enjoy this happy parenthesis, otherwise, your sky might get clouded and your projects will take a more sombre colour. It’s time to preserve your assets.

Some might feel the need to renovate their financial life, but they will be uncertain, as your self-confidence isn’t exactly through the roof.

Also, when people try to give you a pat on the back to help you move forward, you’ll take offense. Mind your manners!


A group getaway would be great to get you out of the pessimism that the Magic Horoscope mentioned before.

In fact, the crazier the proposal, the more fun you’ll have, so say yes to any invitations you receive, from your friends, or relatives, you won’t regret it!

You have good ideas to improve certain aspects of your life, and you’ll be able to share them with people who enrich your future experiences.

Also, you’ll consider making a financial investment towards your wellbeing, such as buying a bundle deal for massages, or having an aesthetic touch up to look better.