Scorpio Daily Horoscope for March 2

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You seem to be concentrated on how to lose friends... You are wrong with two of them; you are too harsh. Put a stop to your unleashed scorpion rage.

You can still back up because they somehow understand your unease and all your pain. However, it's not good to abuse people's patience. Why don't you think about your behaviour for one second?

You might not have a partner, but you know that one of your exes is now going out with someone you thought was a trustful friend. Nobody owns no one, Scorpio

In the case that you don't get on well with your partner's friends, show some respect at least. You just want to be with your partner, and you don't like it when they see their friends instead of staying with you. 

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Nobody likes having a partner that you always have to pay things for and they never offer to pay. If you don't want to have trouble with money, you'd better set some limits to those that are always asking for things, whether it's your partner, your friends or even some relatives. 

You are not a millionaire, but you can always give a bit, no matter how small the amount is, you are just trying to help. 

Everyone should be able to ensure their own existence. No matter how deep-rooted your maternal instinct is, avoid fostering dependence.


Headaches are very common. Intensity can vary but that doesn't mean you just have to resign yourself and that's it. 

The anxiety and your way of overcoming it have a lot to do. Maybe it won't overflow you and make life impossible, but it is true that anxiety remains somehow nested in your body and produces those reactions.

Lemon balm produces a sedative and relaxing effect that helps reduce anxiety and tension, and contributes to overcoming crisis produces by migraines. Make yourself a massage with your fingers in a circular way and counter-clockwise, and you'll feel instant relief.