Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope



Chats with your friends about attractive people or sexual or romantic fantasies can leave you with bitter aftertaste.

You’ll question whether you’re happy right now, and you’ll probably reach the conclusion that you’re not; however, you also won’t know how to change this.

You’ll have some internal struggles, you’ll feel lost and out of place, your partner will notice this, and will point it out.

If you’re single you’ll analyze your situation and you’ll think about what you’re doing wrong and why you can’t find someone. But this pessimistic attitude certainly won’t attract Cupid to you.

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You’ll have to ascertain your worth at work through more or less direct messages. Make your bosses, or your clients (if you’re self-employed) see that there’s a lot of demand for your services.

You won’t, however, have any luck gambling; avoid gambling, especially if you’re out with your friends at a casino. Watch your finances!

You will have to be more efficient that ever, and prove how professional you are, don’t self-sabotage, bigging yourself up verbally but then not following it up with your actions.


To feel happy with yourself, and to feel at peace with yourself, you’ll want to give something back to society, and try and make this world a better place for everyone, including future generations.

Perhaps you could start volunteering at a charity to help people with disabilities, or homeless people, or one that look after the environment. Or make a donation to a charity you believe in. Go ahead!

In the physical plane, the Magic Horoscope invites you to keep an eye on your fingernails, if they’re frail or brittle it could be your body telling you that something isn’t going right.