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You’ll love yourself more than you love others. You won’t seek the approval of those around you (or your partner’s), you know your worth and what you deserve.

You have a right to not allow critics or envious people to intimidate you when they try to crush your willpower (some of them will be in the guise of faithful and loving people).

This first Wednesday of October can help break the chains in your love life. If you want to end a story that started out as a beautiful tree, but which is now withered and barren, now’s the time.

Family burdens will be a small problem if you’re single. You’re apprehensive of how your children will react if you meet someone new.

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The planetary impulses favour your finances and fill your spirit with the optimism needed in life. You’ll make the most of this constructive impulse for your financial future, you’ll achieve some success and you’ll set new goals to fight towards.

A small transitory revolution could stir things up around you. It’s nothing serious, but very notable. It will help many Scorpios find their place, improving their financial situation.

Keep an eye on the professional market, new projects are being launched where you could join in, especially if you’re currently looking for a new job.

Be meticulous in your adhesion to deadlines, especially if you work in real estate or construction.


You’ll have some concerns regarding other people’s health, especially if you have infirm relatives. You’ll have to lend a hand in caring for them or go to the doctor with them.

Don’t see this as a duty or a burden, but rather a privilege to be able to spend some time with someone very dear to you.

You’ll be a bit lazy when it comes to going to the gym or going for a run in the woods. But you should at least go for a walk for half an hour, at a healthy pace (and wearing shoes which are suitable for your needs).