Scorpio Daily Horoscope for September 2

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Mercury exercises a powerful influence over your sign, benefiting your conjugal life. You’ll be very honest and you’ll strive to protect your other half, you’ll try to use kinder words when delivering tough news.

You’ll be an amulet of positive vibes, but don’t drain yourself: sometimes you forget your own wellbeing while you’re busy trying to make your loved ones happy, or at least, trying to ease their pain.

If you’re single, you’ll have to reach some compromises: the person you like keeps changing their tune, saying something one moment, and the complete opposite three hours down the line. But you’ll know how to keep your wits about you.

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You’ll receive lots of good news that will fill up your schedule on the first Monday of September. The most important one will be related to a project that you’re particularly invested in: you’ll be assigned to a position you wanted (but which will also entail a lot more responsibility: it won’t be easy, Scorpio).

On the other hand, your gift to make deals and negotiate prices will allow you to get a service you’ve been after (the monthly payments for your mobile phone, or the price of healthcare, for example) for less than you’d normally have to pay.

Careful though, when the time comes, check your bank account, just to make sure it wasn’t all empty promises and you’ve ended up paying the same as before. The world’s full of sleazy people!


In terms of your health, trust your intuitions this Monday. You’ll instinctively know who you can entrust with your health problems, and what to be careful with.

A very important premonitory dream could illuminate your life; when we sleep, our mind sometimes sends signals of what’s about to come, to allow us to prepare ourselves for what’s to come; the second you wake up, take note of what Morpheus tells you during his visit, and try to analyze its meaning.

Be careful with your salt intake, not just the one you add yourself, but also the one that comes in some processed food, as well as in stock cubes, which are so widely used for cooking.